Are you planning to verify the credentials of any of the applicants your company seeks to hire before they become employees?
   Do you know that 36% of all job applicants distort the qualifications on their resumes?
   Do you know that judgments against employers ranging from $25,000 to $4.75 million have been      obtained by victims of crimes committed by employees who were hired without reference checks?
   Do you want to be responsible for a bad hire that could have been prevented by a background      check?
You will be investing tens of thousands of dollars or more in each employee. Don't you think it would be wise to invest under $100 to ensure that the right person gets the job?
Career Check specializes in pre-employment background investigations. We contact the employment and education references listed and verify the information provided by the applicant. Criminal and credit records are searched to determine the candidate's history. We provide you with a prompt and concise written report that enables you to make an informed hiring decision.

The best part of our service is that you, our client, control the scope and cost of each background check. You decide what references are to be contacted and to what extent. We have no minimum usage requirements. Some of our clients order several investigations per day, while others order only a few per year.

Career Check can be a valuable and cost efficient member of your human resource team so that only the most qualified applicants become your employees. Try us. If you are not satisfied, simply don't use us again.